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The MOMENTUM has been building for 11 years. We've witnessed our mass and velocity consistently increase as God is using Friendship Church to influence our community in a unique and powerful way

We have torn down walls, re-purposed spaces, and gone completely mobile as a staff to allow our ministries to expand. God has responded by continually blessing everything we offer Him and exponentially expanding our effectiveness. But, we are rapidly approaching the point where the size and usability of our facility is going to begin limiting our continued MOMENTUM.


DEEPEN our relationship and dependence on Christ, as we sacrificially give, relying on Him to provide all we need.

UNLEASH our ministries to maximize potential and effectiveness

INCREASE our community influence by creating inviting and enjoyable spaces in which to connect with Christ and his church.


Every moment at Friendship has contributed to the MOMENTUM of how God is moving through us. But there are a few key moments in the life of our church that have propelled Friendship to where we are today.

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View the new plans that will double our auditorium capacity, provide specific areas for our Kids Zone and Student Ministries, and increase our influence in the community!




Dave, Traci, and the girls move to Greenwood to become the Senior Pastor of Friendship.


Pastor Dave assembled the Dream Team, and began the process of defining the vision and mission of Friendship.

APRIL 2006

40 Days of Purpose kicked off, uniting Friendship in our purpose as followers of Christ. Families experienced significant growth.

JULY 2007

Dustin Pead accepted position of Worship Pastor, which dramatically enhanced the musical worship and Sunday morning experience.


Jamie Hampton was hired to lead Friendship Kids in the development of a dynamic children's ministry, preschool, and childcare that would impact the community of young families surrounding Friendship.


As our culture changed, our name did as well. We became "Friendship Church."

MARCH 2009

The first Financial Peace University Small Group was launched, resulting in significant financial growth and stability for numerous families.

JUNE 2009

The inaugural Summer Break experience kicked off, inspiring 20+ kids to accept Christ as their Savior.


We hosted our first Tailgate Party, generating interest and participation from surrounding neighbors.


Uncivilized launched, reaching out to the men of our church and community..


250+ attended our Christmas service, with 10 of those individuals deciding to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior for the first time.

MAY 2011

Rejuvenate launched, offering the women of our church and community a night centering on renewal of the spirit, relaxation of the body and refreshment of the soul.

JUNE 2011

Friendship Kids Preschool & Childcare experienced tremendous growth and success. Additional staff was hired providing additional support and excellence to the program.


Sunday morning services were bursting at the seam. A record breaking 340 people were in attendance, confirming the need for two services each Sunday.


Friendship received the Eli Lily Pastoral Sabbatical Grant, providing a three month respite for Pastor Dave and his family. During this time, Friendship continued to gain momentum and growth, as well as influential leadership.


Friendship held its first Rockin' Christmas Eve, opening up our doors to the community in an innovative way during the holiday season.


Friendship shattered more attendance records, ministering to 400+ people on one Sunday morning.


We gave away our entire offering of $7,298 from both Sunday morning services to The Boaz Project, in order to provide Christmas for orphans in Russia.


Ignite, a Sunday morning service geared towards 5th and 6th graders launched, allowing this specific age group to grow in their walk with Christ on a level specific to them.


The MOMENTUM Project launched and over $622,000 was committed to providing a new space to be an effective and influential church in our community!


Even with road closures on Worthsville Road, we experienced record-breaking attendance with over 500 people experiencing our Easter services.

JUNE 2014

Over 90 volunteers made it possible for 235 kids to experience Summer Break 2014, where over 30 people came to Christ and over $1,100 was raised for The Boaz Project.


The construction crews arrived on scene and began the remodel of the exterior of our current building.


Our teen ministry is revamped and we launch RIOT, a Wednesday Night experience created for teens, by teens to unleash them to serve in absolutely every capacity possible, to train them up to serve their peers, and lead their peers into a relationship with Jesus Christ!


For the first time ever, we offered three services on Easter to make room for what God was going to do, and He did not disappoint! We saw 114 volunteers make it possible for 624 people to attend, and we celebrated two salvations!

JUNE 2015

We celebrated our biggest Summer Break ever, with over 300 kids in attendance and 11 salvations!


We officially break ground to begin construction on the new 450 seat auditorium, parking lot, and Friendship Park.


LIVE at Friendship was a history-making day as we gathered together for ONE SERVICE, AS ONE VOICE lifting high the name of our ONE GOD and recorded our first ever Live Worship Album.


If all goes according to schedule, we’ll launch our first service in our new facility!


Pastor Dave and the Elders have spent well over three years talking with builders, consultants, architects, and financial gurus about the possibility and plausibility of expanding our ministry facility. We know that our community needs a church like Friendship to help them experience Jesus Christ; to love their families; to love their children; to help their marriages become unbelievable; to teach them how to manage their finances in a God honoring way that frees them from stress and worry. Below, if God allows us to do it, is a building rendering that will grow our ministry capacity, expand our effectiveness, and increase our influence by more than 400%! And at the same time, we are creating more space for smaller group connections, more relational and conversational spaces, more rooms for meeting and ministry.

How to

Our Goal

View Our Progress

THANK YOU! Because of your generosity, we are celebrating $622,000 committed to the MOMENTUM and $570,366.67 already given to date!

Our challenge to all of us, as a part of Friendship Church, is to engage in this giving initiative and commit to giving $600,000 over a two year period over and above our regular tithe.

We believe that the vision of our expansion is so clear, the opportunity is so compelling, and the facility fits our culture so well that we as a church will give generously and make this happen.

Let's Finish Strong!

The giving part of the project currently sits at 81%, leaving about $119,000 of pledges yet to be received. That amount is almost the exact amount of our need to complete the parts of the project that are not covered by our new loan. These items are 'by owner' and called the FFE Budget or Furniture Fixtures and Equipment. This money pays for such essential items as:

  • Sound System in the new auditorium
  • Additional Chairs in the auditorium (to save costs we will reuse current chairs mixed in with others)
  • New furniture for foyer and sitting areas
  • Stage Lighting
  • Landscaping
  • Alarm System (burglary & fire)
  • Communications
  • Playground Relocation
  • Interior Redesign of current building

As you can see that last $119,000 is pretty important stuff. For those of you who have been giving, thank you and keep up the good work! For those of you who are new and haven't joined in yet, why don't you start this month to help us close the gap. You can also make a one time or recurring gift on Friendship Church's Giving Portal or you can always give on Sundays through the offering or at the Connection Center.

Preparation for Financial Commitment (The "4 P's")

Use the following to help you make a good decision about committing to MOMENTUM:

Prayer starts it all. Nothing prepares our heart to respond to God like seeking His heart through prayer. Don't rush it. The longer you pray "God show me how to give," the more ways He can show you.

Strive to respond in proportion to God's blessing and provision. This will be different for each of us. And that's okay! Paul says that gifts are "acceptable according to what a person, has not according to what he does not have." All giving in the Bible was proportional because God has given us different amounts of resources. God is interested in our hearts, not just the amount that we give.(2 Corinthians 8:12)

Seek a commitment decision that is pleasing to God. For most of us, it is easy to find what is pleasing to us. But to find what is pleasing to God, our faith will likely need to be stretched through prayer and the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Here are a few questions to help determine if a commitment amount is pleasing to God:

  • Does this amount really require me to trust God? (2 Cor. 9:6-8)
  • Does this amount show I value my hope of eternal reward more than material things on earth? (1 Timothy 6:19)
  • Does this amount represent a genuine sacrifice? (2 Samuel 24:24)
  • Does this amount express the level of thanksgiving I have for the ways Christ and His church have blessed my life and family? (Psalms 54:6)

Look for and anticipate peace from God that passes all understanding after making a prayerful and proportional commitment that is pleasing to Him. This will be experienced in different ways: a confirming word or situation, a general sense of calm, sensing God's perfect will.

Practical Steps to Make Your Commitment

Many may choose to rearrange their personal and family priorities and give up something in their current budget in order to give to the MOMENTUM (e.g. cable/dish TV; regular Starbucks stops or lunches out; replacing furniture).

Often we have short-term expenditures or loans for things such as a car loan or a child's college expenses. Once these loans are paid or expenses end, cash flow is freed up that can be redirected to the MOMENTUM.

Sometimes we know of bonuses or raises that we will receive over the next few years. Families can decide to delay increasing their lifestyle, and instead, commit the increased income to the MOMENTUM.

There are some incredible tax advantages to giving appreciated assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.

Sacrificial Giving Examples

Example #1
An individual has decided to do the following:

  • He is planning to purchase a car and his monthly payment was expected to be $350. He has decided to delay that purchase for 24-monhs and give what he would have paid to MOMENTUM. ($350 x 24) = $8,400.
  • He is also able to give $1,500 from savings.
  • He believes through faith that God will also enable him to give another $2000 per year over the next 2 years to MOMENTUM and considers earmarking a portion of future year salary increases he anticipates.

24-month Pledge Total: ($350 x 24) + $1,500 + $4,000 = $13,900

Example #2
A family of five is living paycheck-to-paycheck with no savings. However, they realize that they eat out once a week. They have decided to eat out only twice a month and to only order water when they do. They have also felt led to give an extra $80 a month through faith in God to MOMENTUM.

  • Savings from only eating out every other week: $120/month
  • Savings from only ordering water: $25/month
  • Believing in faith that God will provide: $80/month

24-month Pledge Total: ($120 + $25 + $80) x 24 = $5,400

Determine Your Financial Commitment

"I will not sacrifice that which costs me nothing." (2 Samuel 24:24)

  1. Go through the "4 P's" of Preparation and ask God to place an amount on your heart to give.
  2. Ask yourself what amount:
    • you feel God has placed on your heart,
    • you believe God will provide for you to give, and
    • you would like to give.
  3. Assume for a few days you were to give the amount God has placed on your heart. Then ask yourself these questions:
    • Is my gift sacrificial?
    • Am I demonstrating faith in God's promises and provision?
    • Am I joyous about giving this amount?

If you can answer "yes" to all of these questions, then you can feel comfortable about your gift amount. If you cannot honestly answer "yes" to all three questions, run through steps 1-2 again until you are comfortable with your answers in step number 3. If you are married, you and your spouse should follow steps 1-3 separately. Then, get together and share your gift amounts. If you arrive at different amount, repeat steps 1-3 together and come to an agreement on what you believe God wants you to give. Don't rush it, take your time, and make sure you are both ready.

Profile to Accomplish Our Goal

24 Month Commitments

$600,000 Over & Above Regular Tithes & Offerings

Amount of Each Commitment Monthly Gift of Weekly Gift of
$60,000 $2,500 $577
$50,000 $2,083 $481
$45,000 $1,875 $433
$35,000 $1,458 $337
$25,000 $1,042 $240
$18,000 $750 $173
$15,000 $625 $144
$12,000 $500 $115
$7,500 $313 $72
$5,000 $208 $48
$2,500 $104 $24
$1,200 $50 $12

Be a part of the financial MOMENTUM. Click here to give.

Join the

Over the past two years we've been preparing for this moment, to open a larger space that will be a tool used to continue to glorify God as an effective and influential church. Our patience and reliance on God is beginning to take physical shape, but this is just the beginning of the MOMENTUM LAUNCH.

Below are three challenges we're asking each person of Friendship to take to initiate the LAUNCH Sequence. Please prayerfully consider what challenge God wants you to take as we move into this exciting next phase!

Serve a Guest

We're so thankful for every volunteer who serves at Friendship, as they make everything we do possible. We have several volunteer opportunities available for all types of personalities, gifts, and talents. You can view all of the volunteer opportunities by clicking the button below.

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Close the Gap

Let's finish strong! For those of you who are new and haven’t joined in yet, start this month to help us close the gap.

How to Give

Lend a Hand

There will be several physical opportunities available to help complete our new space and to transform our current building. If you can paint, are incredibly gifted at cleaning, or the best furniture assembly pro out there, this is your fit! Click the button below to see all of the opportunities where you can lend a hand!

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Important Dates To Remember

LAUNCH Giving Day
December 6, 2015
All offerings received that day will go towards finishing MOMENTUM Giving

LAUNCH Sunday Easter
March 27, 2016